Friday, October 31, 2014

Andre Ethier Likely Out In Los Angeles

When the Los Angeles Dodgers announced that they were bringing Andrew Friedman on board in the front office, many people associated with the team were ecstatic. He is known as one of the best minds in baseball right now, and he should be able to have an impact on this franchise as they try to win their 1st World Series since 1988. However, with him coming in, several players knew that their jobs were in jeopardy. One guy in particular who could be moving sooner rather than later is Andre Ethier.

Going into the winter, everyone knew that the Los Angeles Dodgers were going to need to make some changes with their outfielders on the roster. The question was, which player would likely be moved? Ethier appears to be the answer to that question, especially after having a very subpar season in 2014. He will be 33 years old by the start of the 2015 regular season, and his batting average and on-base percentage has gone down consistently for the last 4 years. Trading him away would open up more opportunities for not only the outfielders already at the MLB level, but the prospects coming up.

Ethier still has value, but he is owed a total of $56 million. Los Angeles is going to be trying to find a potential team to trade him with, but they will likely have to give up another decent prospect in order to do that. They have a list of untouchables at this point, but this team is focused on winning in 2015 at the MLB level. If they feel like they can make a key trade in the winter, the new president of baseball operations is going to pull the trigger. It might seem like the Los Angeles Dodgers have an unlimited budget to work with, but they are going to be a bit more cautious with contracts now that he is on board but they will have more value in fantasy. Ready to try daily fantasy basketball leagues? Use a Fanduel Promo Code to get started.

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