Saturday, September 6, 2014

Breaking Down the Box Break

I meant to get to this post out on Thursday, and then again yesterday, but here we are. I have everyone's cards packed up, they just need to be loaded into mailers and sent out. That will happen sometime early next week. Please send me your address if it has changed or if you don't think I have it.

The break was a success in the sense that I pulled quite a few good cards for myself. Of course, I had the Dodgers, but I also picked up the Nationals and received the Padres as my random team. My other random team went to Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown, who chose the Angels. Unfortunately for him, there was no Trout auto. Next time.

Anyway, let's take a look at some some of the Dodgers I pulled.

I'll start with my favorite card I ended up with. I believe this was pulled from the second box we opened, but I am not positive. We pulled another Topps Shelf insert in the first box and I mentioned that I really wanted to pull a Kershaw one. A short time later my wish was granted and here it is. I really enjoy this card for a multitude of reasons: mainly the slick design and great choice of colors. I am really considering saving up for one of the auto versions of this card, but a few things have to go my way for that to happen. We'll see.

My good fortune continued on as we pulled a couple of sweet diecuts from the boxes. I am not a huge fan of these cards, but I can't deny shiny new Kershaw and Puig cards for my collection.

As if I didn't pull my fair share of cards already, this beauty dropped into my hands. I am a big fan of the 1989 Topps design, and it looks soooo much better on these chrome cards. Seriously, I love chrome. 

This man has 40 saves, and now I have his refractor card.

This man has a long name, and now I have his refractor card. 

Here are some of the better base cards from the Dodgers. I did get the entire base set, and a couple of dupes are headed out to fellow Dodger bloggers sometime next week.

I also pulled a Yasiel Puig Blue Refractor #'d/199, and an Onelki Garcia base auto. However, I pulled off a quick trade with Dodger Penguin and now they are his. In return I picked up his Braves cards from the break.

In addition to the Dodgers cards, I pulled some sweet Nationals cards. Specifically great Bryce Harper cards.

I really, really like these 89 inserts from Chrome. I considered myself lucky when I pulled the Kershaw insert, but I guess luck was on my side that day. 

Especially since I pulled another Harper insert, this time of the diecut variety. I like the shot they used for this card. Though I don't think there is a bad Bryce Harper card. Please let me know if you can find one. 

I finally pulled this shiny Bryce Harper refractor to go along with his base card. My Harper binder got some serious play the other night. 

My luck didn't stop with the cards above. I also received a few x-fractors of National players, as well as a Stephen Strasburg diecut. I don't know any Nationals collectors, so those may head to eBay unless someone wants to trade. 

Thanks again to those who participated for the opportunity to do the break. Although there were a few problems on my end, and apparently commercials in the middle, it was pretty successful. Some people were lucky enough to get some autos, inserts, and #'d cards, whereas a few of you seemed to get the short end of the stick. I tried to toss in a few cards to make up for the lack of cards for a few of you, but I didn't have cards that fit everyone's collections. Hopefully you all enjoyed it, and we can bust some more Chrome next year.

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