Sunday, May 11, 2014

Colorful Kershaw's and More

I received an email from a gentleman named Jarrod a couple of weeks ago commending me on my great work on the blog. Like most people, I enjoy kind words every now and again, so thanks for that Jarrod. Anyways, Jarrod had some Dodger cards that he thought I may be interested in and offered to sell them to me for an incredibly low price. I obliged and here we are. 

*Before we continue, be sure to check out Jarrod's eBay page here. It's worth it.*

The center of this deal revolved around this lovely Kershaw from 2013 Topps Chrome. I have done my best to pick up as many of these colorful Dodgers from last years set, though I am having a tough go at the cards with low numbering. Purple refractors aren't numbered, so I am a bit surprised I only have 4 of these things. But even with only four of the purples, I am 42.50% complete (51/120). Check out my progress here

I considered pretty much everything else in this package a bonus, and a great bonus it was. 

These two Kershaw's were full of color themselves. Both hail from 2014 Opening Day, and are probably two of only a few cards I am interested in from that set. I dig the 3-D cards, so the Opening Day Stars was a nice surprise. The Breaking Out insert is also pretty sweet, but I don't know if Kershaw is really "breaking out". I mean, he has 2 Cy Youngs already, I think he broke out a few years ago.

Also included was this sweet mini from 2013 Allen and Ginters. I don't know how I didn't have this yet, but Jarrod was sure to fix that. This card goes down as one of my favorite Kershaw cards in my collection so far, and probably won't be topped anytime soon. 

Jarrod didn't just send along Kershaw cardboard though. This fantastic Shawn Green card came courtesy of Jarrod as well. Like the mini Kershaw above, this may go down as one of my favorite cards of Green. The card shows him in his high school jersey, something cards rarely do these days. 

There were a few more Dodgers in the package, but I simply don't have the time to show them all. Thanks again Jarrod! In case you missed it up top, be sure to check out Jarrod's eBay page here. It's worth it.

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