Friday, May 30, 2014

Changing Course Yet Again

I recently sent out an email to a fellow blogger letting him know I had a ton of 2014 Series One cards for him. I haven't bought any new cards in awhile, so where did these cards come from?

Well, I decided to stop my pursuit for the Topps Flagship master set.

I originally planned on completing the entire set. Base cards, inserts, yada yada yada. I have had a change of heart recently, and my focus has been elsewhere. I thought about it and knew that I would never spend enough money on packs to get all of the inserts. I also hate spending money on singles online, as I prefer to pick up autos and relics of my PC guys online.

However, I LOVE the minis that Topps releases with the set, so I will still be pursuing those. In fact, you can check out what I still need here.

To sum it all up, I will still collect the base set from Topps Flagship, as well as the minis, but I will no longer try to complete the master set. 

This decision leaves me with a ton of inserts from Series One looking for a new homes. Be sure to leave a comment or send me an email if you are looking for some help.


On another note, I finally got around to updating my Set Needs for my Topps Team Set Project. I beleive it is coming along nicely, and I predict that I will complete the 1980's before any other decade. Thanks again to everyone that has helped me out so far.


Finally, I mentioned that Dikran pulled a sweet Ken Griffey Jr. auto from a hobby box of 2009 UD Signature Stars last week, yet I never showed off the card. Well, here it is.

The auto is a bit cut-off, but it is still a great card. It is currently listed on eBay for those interested. 

*EDIT* - This was supposed to be auto-posted yesterday, before the auction ended, but it looks like that never happened. The card sold for $49.99, not as much as we were hoping for, but still a decent price. 

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  1. I'm just surprised it went that low. Love the bright blue ink...