Friday, May 9, 2014

An Action Packed Swap

I completed my first trade with Justin of Mets Cardboard earlier this week. Justin reached out to me regarding the fantasy baseball league that I started for the blog a couple of months back. We got to talking and eventually agreed on a trade and now here we are.

Although Justin sent over a decent stack of cards, primarily hits for my Topps Team Set Project, there are two cards in particular I wanted to highlight. The first being this sweet Action Packed Steve Garvey card you see below.

Before this card came along, I only had a couple of Garvey cards that were not needed for my TTSP. But this card pushed me over the top, and now I will be semi-collecting the Dodger great. I'll have more on that further down the line, but keep me in mind when determining what to do with your extra Garvey cardboard. 

This card did not only stand-out because it was Steve Garvey, but because it hails from a set I am very unfamiliar with. I am fairly sure ARPSmith sent me a Willie Mays card from the same set awhile back, but it is late and I don't feel like searching my boxes for it. I could probably do a quick Google search on the set and find out everything I wanted to know about it, but like I said, it is late. One thing is for sure, I will be on the hunt for other Dodgers from the set.

The second card I wanted to highlight is this sweet 1968 Topps team card. I already have a hard time distinguishing players from the 60's and 70's, and this card does little to help me in that department. Even with a tough to see picture, this card looks great. Though, most vintage cardboard does. 

I will have to update my TTSP project one of these days (I know I have been saying that for awhile). Finals are in about a week, so maybe I will find the time when summer vacation roles around. Wait.....I decided it was a good idea to take summer classes too. Ugh. As Greg once told me, "Damn school and its importance."

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