Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Twitter Contest Winnings from MLB RBI

Those of you that have Twitter accounts know that MLB and its affiliates regularly host contests which you can enter by retweeting. It is not often that you hear about the winners of those contests. However, today you will as I will be showing off my winnings from a contest held by MLB RBI

I was honestly hoping I would be walking away with a box of Topps cards, but I ended up walking away with an autographed baseball. That auto belongs to Anaheim Angles pitcher, C.J Wilson. 

I am not the biggest Wilson fan, nor am I an Angels fan. Therefore, this ball does not hold any real value to me. I will probably post it on eBay and try to flip it for a Kemp auto before the prices get too high. If there is anybody out there that would like to trade for this, just let me know. I am strictly looking to get a Kemp or Kershaw auto, though other interesting offers will not be denied. 

I probably won't be winning any major contests like this again, so I guess I should be proud of myself. Even though the prize is not something that I consider super valuable, I am lucky to have won. 


I have been extremely busy lately and haven't been able to get back to some of those who have contacted me about my trade bait. Chances are I saw your message or email, but haven't had the time to actually open it and read it. I will be getting to all of the trades this week.


I also haven't had time to randomize the contest winners. I am planning on doing it tomorrow night, but my work hours changed and I am not getting home until about 10pm every night now. If it doesn't get done tomorrow, expect the results to pop up sometime this weekend. 

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