Saturday, April 19, 2014

Trade with Reader Brandon: A Couple of Relics and A Pair of Lefties

I completed my first trade with reader Brandon, who found me through Brad's Blog. After noticing some cards he wanted through my Mega Trade bait, we quickly came to a deal.

Unfortunately, I have yet to send his cards out. In fact, I have yet to send cards out to anybody in about a week and a half. I feel extremely bad, but I guess I have an excuse - today will be my first day back home since Monday. If I was smart, I would have shipped cards on Monday, but I did not think that far ahead. That said, I will be shipping off about 10 bubble mailers this Monday. 

The card I was most interested in, and the card that spearheaded this deal, is this awesome Shawn Green relic. For some reason I did not put the year of the card in the file name, therefore I am at work scrambling to find out. It's not a big deal right now however, and I will adjust my Shawn Green PC accordingly when I get home this evening. 

Brandon also threw in this Kevin Brown relic. I am not the biggest fan of Kevin Brown, though I never did really watch him pitch. I only started to get into the Dodgers and baseball when I was around 10 (2003), so I only caught the back-end of his career with the boys in blue. Adding a relic of a Dodger is always welcome whether it is Kevin Brown of *sigh* Andruw Jones. 

Finally, I will show off this sweet Koufax/Kershaw card Brandon sent over. I was surprised I did not have it yet, but there are thousands of cards I do not have, so it really shouldn't be a surprise. There aren't a ton of cards with the two best lefties in Dodger history, but I am glad to add this to the Kershaw PC. I will be on the hunt for another to add to the Koufax binder.

Thanks again for the trade Brandon! 

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