Monday, April 14, 2014

Trade with Off Hiatus Baseball Cards: Dodger Blue Turkey Reds

I completed my first trade with Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards early last week. I ran across his blog and was lucky enough to find some cards that I wanted in his trade bait. We quickly came to a deal, though I haven't had time to send my end out yet :(

That being said, Tony should have a package sent off his way sometime in the next few days. That goes for quite a few others as well. I have been having a problem with direct deposit and my paycheck, so I am waiting to get the physical check in the mail. As soon as I do, packages will be sent out. 

I obtained an autograph in this swap, but this was the card I was really chasing. Ryu is one of my main PC guys, and I will always look to acquire new cards of his. This is a great shot of the lefty hurler, but looks pretty reminiscent of his card from Archives last year. Either way, I was able to add another sweet card to the Ryu binder.

This trade primarily consisted of Turkey Red cards, something I don't really ever plan on buying. I was able to add this awesome card of Hanley. Just like this Matt Kemp card I posted a while back, Topps forgot to finish photoshopping the grey between the D-O-D-G-E-R-S on the front of Hanley's jersey. 

Now that I've written about the grey between the lettering on the front of Hanley's jersey, let's take a look at the same thing on Puig's. Looks like Topps really dropped the ball here. Other than that small annoying feature, this card looks pretty good. Puig card don't come cheap, so adding a new one without spending any money is always a plus.

Finally we get to the autograph. The first thing I noticed on this card, other than the boring auto, is the white Dodgers hat Garcia is wearing. It isn't very often you see anything other than the standard Blue cap, and looking at this is weird. In fact, I cant even recall the team wearing white hats. Seems like a spring training thing, but I was pretty sure the Dodgers had grey hats. Either way, I was able to pick up my second Onelki Garcia auto. Now let's hope he can get healthy and contribute to the big league club one of these days. 

Thanks again Tony. Your cards should be there soon!

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