Thursday, April 10, 2014

Running Behind

I have been incredibly busy over the past week or so and it has left me wayyy behind. Now that I have added the gym back into my daily routine, I am having even less time to get stuff done. I know that quite a few people emailed me about the trade bait, and I will get back to you by Monday. As far as trade packages go, I am behind as well. I have stuff piled up ready to go, but they need to be placed into bubble mailers and shipped. Again, that will probably be done by Monday. 

Because my scanner is covered in cards, I am digging into my scans folder to find something to post about.

And here it is. I enjoy these inserts from 2014 Heritage, and the Kershaw is the first Dodger I have from the series. Dikran and I have picked up a few packs of Heritage, but we are still looking for a blaster box. We will be looking once again this afternoon, so hopefully we are lucky enough to walk home with some goodies for ourselves, and a box for the contest I am running

I will hopefully be back tomorrow with the results for the contest that ended on Monday, as I know quite a few of you are patiently waiting. Hopefully, I can knock out some trade posts this weekend and show off some new cards. Thanks for being patient with me!

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