Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trade with Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle: PC Madness Pt. 1

I recently completed my first trade with fellow Dodger fan and collector, Greg of Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle. Hopefully not the last though because, Greg hooked a brother up. So much so, that I am splitting this into two separate posts. Check back for Part 2 tomorrow.

Greg decided to go straight after my PC's in this trade, hitting four of my Primary PC's in this post alone. Let's start with Matt Kemp.

Five new Kemp's, three of which I've never seen. The UD Icons card is pretty sweet, and it is a set I may put together one day.  Directly below that we see a 2009 UD SP Legendary Cuts #90. It has the appearance of a stamp, and is a fantastic card all around. Probably my favorite of the five above. With these five cards, my Matt Kemp PC sits at a modest 107 cards. Greg has nearly triple that amount, so I still have a ways to go before I catch him.

In addition to the Kemp cards, Greg sent over a heavy dose of Kershaw goodiness. Anytime I can add seven new Kid K cards to the PC, I'm having a good day. The gold Bowman on the top left is undoubtedly my favorite card of the bunch. The other are wonderful as well, but Kershaw is pitching in a USA jersey and you can't top that. 

Also included in this fantastic trade were four cards of the former Dodger/Mariner/Red Sox, Adrian Beltre. I now have six Beltre cards from his time in Seattle, and he is wearing the road jersey in every single one. No big deal, but it is a little strange.

Because Shawn Green is my favorite Dodger of all-time, I get giddy when I see new cards of his. The '91 Draft Classics card on the right is a new one for me and features Green in his high school jersey. How often do you see an aluminum bat on a baseball card? The card on the left will be mailed to Green in hope he returns it with his John Hancock. I guess I'll have to pick his address up from a fellow blogger. 

Russell Martin does not have a PC of his own in my collection, but he should. I may add him as a secondary PC in the next few days, though I'd have to go through all of my Dodger's again to pull his cardboard. These four cards are a good place to start a PC, but the Bowman Chrome on the top left may never be beat. It is instantly an all-time favorite Dodger card for me and if Greg wouldn't have sent it, I would bought it on eBay myself. WBC/Olympic jersey's are quickly becoming a favorite of mine, but we'll discuss that in a few days. 

I haven't even gotten to my favorite card of the trade, but this already rates as one of the best trade packages I've ever received. Thanks Greg!

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