Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Trade with Need More Cardboard: The Walmart Blues and Trying to Finish 2013

I completed my first trade with Andrew of Need More Cardboard. I asked about a blue bordered Gonzo card he had, and we quickly agreed to send some cards to each other. 

I have decide to put the Dodgers team set together with the blue and red parallels. (Walmart and Target) I picked up the blue Puig in a trade with Marcus over the weekend, which leaves me with 11 blue parallels left.  I have a few heading my way now, so an updated need list will be added sometime near the end of the week. I'll have more about the red parallels tomorrow. 

Andrew was also able to knock off a ton of 2013 Flagship needs. This Prince Fielder diecut stands out over the rest. These diecuts are probably my favorite cards from Flagship last year, though I still need quite afew of them to build the entire subset. In fact, I need a lot from 2013 still. If you have some unneeded inserts from 2013 let me know. My insert needs checklist is here. I also need a few more cards from the base set. That checklist is here

Thanks again Andrew. I feel I owe you a bit more, so expect some extras in the next trade we pull off.

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