Saturday, February 8, 2014

Trade with Big 44 Sports Cards: Relics from Right Field

I completed my second trade with Nate of Big 44 Sports Cards. We agreed on a trade a while back, but a shipping error delayed the completion of the swap about a week. Nate is currently running a contest over at his blog, with two great relics up for grabs. Make sure you head over there and get your entries in.

Nate sent over some set needs, but this was one of the cards I was after. I saw this in his trade bait, and quite frankly, I was surprised no other Dodger blogger had claimed it yet. There are literally dozens of us. DOZENS!!!

This is actually my first Andre hit. The relic is fantastic, obviously coming from either the 1 or 6 from the front of his jersey. I am pretty positive this is my first Dodger relic with a piece of the number from the front of the jersey. This beauty is #'d 49/50, and is a wonderful addition to my Andre Ethier PC

I was also able to talk Nate into including this Shawn Green bat relic in the trade. I don't like the whole D-Bag aspect of the card, but I do enjoy adding a bat piece from my favorite all-time favorite Dodger right-fielder. Sorry Puig/Ethier.

It seems like so much more could have been done to this card. There is a lot of wasted space, and some color would have been nice. Beggars can't be choosers I guess. 

Nate also through in some set needs for me. I can't quite remember what exactly, but they are very much appreciated. I hope to do this again soon, and I hope your cards arrived safely. Thanks!

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