Sunday, January 19, 2014

Trade With The Angels, In Order: Picking Up Some Team Sets

I completed my first trade with Tom of The Angels, In Order. He left me a comment letting me know of a few team sets he could help me out with, primarily from the 1980's. We agreed to a trade and I got his care package on Thursday. 

I'll start out this trade post with something new to my Matt Kemp PC. 

I love adding new Bison's to my collection. This happens to be the silver foil version of this card, leaving me with only the gold foil to complete this many rainbow of sorts. 

The main focus of this trade however were Dodger team sets. I talked about my desire to complete the 1989 Topps team set for the Dodgers on the blog in the past. Tom let me know he was able to finish that set off for me and here we are. Another person contacted me about finishing of the 89 set as well, though I cannot remember who it was. I inadvertently had you both help me out to finish of the 89 set, though I haven't received the second set of cards. 

I have a new goal I plan on sharing with you very soon, so I won't show off the entire completed team set just yet. I will, however, show off my favorite card from the set, Mike Scioscia #755. There is a lot to like about this card, though older sets always seem a little drabby to me. 

In addition to finishing of my 1989 Topps set, Tom sent over some more cards from other various sets. I'll won't go over every card, but I will highlight my favorite from each set.

I was planning on putting together this team set after completing 1989 Topps, but Tom took care of most of it for me. I still need a few more cards to finish of this set, but more on that later. I liked the Rick Honeycutt card the best, though I don't really have a reason as to why. This is definitely one of my favorite sets from the 80's.

Moving on to one of the most recognizable sets ever made, Tom sent over a bunch of Dodgers from 1987 Topps. Just like the set above, and the other sets I will mention below, I still don't have every card from the set but I will discuss it tomorrow. I chose this Tommy Lasorda card for couple of reasons. One, I think it is pretty hilarious that he looks exactly the same 27 years later. He does seem to have a smile on his face which can be pretty rare these days. I also love the old school hat he has on. Of course, it wasn't old school then, but hats these day are much different. 

I'll be honest. I think this is a hideous set. The fact that this card is off-center doesn't improve its favor with me either. I have not taken much time to go over very many Leaf cards my dad has stored over the years, but hopefully they don't all look as bad as this set. 

Moving on to 1988 Topps now. Tom also include a large amount of these cards, which happens to be one of my favorite sets from the 80's. I would have chosen the Tommy Lasorda card as my favorite from the set, but I have already highlighted that card in an RCD post. I decided to go with this Steve Sax card. It's not often you see a card with a picture of a guy giving it all he has. I never got to see Sax play, but I did meet him a few years back. I'll save that for another post. 

Tom was also kind to send me most of this set from 1992 Upper Deck. I haven't had time to go over the entire checklist, so I don't know if he sent the entire team set, but he sent over quite a few cards. This EK is my favorite of the ones he sent over. I simply cannot turn down a card showing a guy with such a big grin. Although not one of my favorite sets, this set has a few awesome cards. 

Tom also sent over four cards from 1986 Fleer. They are Star Stickers to be exact, and I haven't taken the time to do any more research on these. 

Thanks Tom! You gave me a great starting point to extend my collections into the past decades. Hope to do it again soon.

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