Friday, January 3, 2014

RCD: 1988 Tommy Lasorda

RCD Posts are opportunities for you to get Chavez Code Points!

Simply leave a comment with an interesting story you may have about this card or the player featured on the card. This can literally be about anything. A funny chant you heard about the player at a game. The time you ran into him at Denny's. The time you got his autograph at spring training. The time you used this card in your bicycle spokes. As long as the comment is coherent and about the player you are eligible for points. Every on topic comment will be worth 5 points. You will only get 5 points once per RCD post, but feel free to comment with as many stories as you'd like. RCD posts will be posted every Friday, usually of former Dodger players. 

This weeks card: 1988 Topps Tommy Lasorda

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