Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dodger Related Cardboard

My internet was down most of the afternoon on my last day at home before I head back to work. This gave me time to sort through some more cards and prepare them for scanning. I would have liked to get the scanning process done but my scanner is connected to my computer wirelessly, preventing me from doing so. 

I am going to refer to the trade I made again in this post. I received some cool Dodger cards which I will highlight, but I also received a ton of my set needs. Update Series in particular took a big hit, and is left with only a few more cards until the set is complete. 

This card was staring at me through the plastic case it was in when I ripped open the box. I did not own this card up until that point and left me wondering what other cool stuff was thrown in. 

Below Ethier lay forgotten Dodgers pitcher, Chad Billingsley. This picture probably shows him throwing his arm out after forgoing surgery in the fall of 2012. Chad lasted just 2 games into the 2013 season before the elbow injury he was nurturing flared up, causing him to miss the rest of the season, as well as a large chunk of this upcoming season. A lot of Dodger fans have an immense disdain for CBills, though their contempt is not justifiable. He was on a tremendous run to end his 2012 season before his injury occurred late in August. I don't expect him to come back and put up big numbers, but I believe he can be a solid long man coming out of the pen some point during the season. His contract is up after the season, and he may be had for cheap next winter. 

Next up is my favorite card I received, a 2013 Topps Chrome Dynamic Skill die-cut of Hyun-Jin Ryu. It is another card that I did not have prior to the trade, and one that I am proud to have. Ryu had a solid rookie season for the Dodgers in 2013 and I am hoping his success carries over into next season. 

The Ryu was followed up by Dodgers international signee, Hiroki Kuroda. Although he pitches for the Evil Empire now, Kuroda is one of my favorite Dodgers of recent memory. I don't have to many 2013 A&G cards and it's a shame. I love this years design, but I never really bought any packs. I figure 2014 will be my first year of collect A&G, but someone will have to explain Gint-A-Cuffs to me. 

I don't know what to say about this card that Greg didn't already. Although mine is not the no-numbered variant, it's one of the best Dodger cards of 2013 in my opinion, and I hope to get more Ellis in the future. 

With those in the books, the trade is now complete. I did pick up another Dodger card this past weekend, however. It came with the Adrian Beltre relic I showed yesterday.

Fun times. I cannot figure out who is standing in the dead center, in the most unfortunate spot possible. (Next to Jeff Kent). So 5 points to anybody that can name who it is, and 10 points if you can name every player shown. 

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