Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Bison Reaches 50

After waiting just about a week and a half, card number 50 of my Matt Kemp PC has arrived all the way from the Great White North! 50 doesn't signify anything special, simply a counting number that I decided to make a big deal about. This comes form 2013 Bowman Chrome and is instantly one of my favorite cards of the man we call "The Bison". I am a huge Bowman Chrome enthusiast, and as a matter of fact am currently working on putting together the 2012 Bowman Chrome set. (You can see my progress here) As I may have mentioned about 5-6 times already, I love blue parallels of my boys in blue. The fact that this card comes from one of my favorite products, makes it all the better. #'d 198/250 this is another fine addition to my growing Matt Kemp PC

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