Tuesday, January 6, 2015

State of the Blog: 2015 Goals

Last year I set nine goals for myself, all of differing variety and difficulty. This year I decided to make things a little simpler.

1. Get to 300 Matt Kemp cards

Pretty self-explanatory. I reached 200 in 2014, so that gives me about 365 days to get 100 more. My options are getting lighter, but we'll probably see the first non-Dodgers Kemp card in my PC this year. That will be a tough post.

2. Add One Clayton Kershaw Auto

Hell, these are all self-explanatory. I have been meaning to add a Kershaw auto for quite some time, but I never found one at the right price at the right time. Hopefully 2015 will be the year.

3. Reach 100 Followers

Again, pretty easy. Though this one does depend on other people more than myself. I should probably bring back contests this summer.

4. Finish the master auto set of either Parks and Rec or Archer

In a perfect world I'd do both, but this isn't a perfect world. Parks and Rec is probably the most realistic of the two sets to finish, but there are some expensive cards left to acquire. Let's hope 2015 is the year of the good eBay deal.

I'm sure other things will pop up periodically throughout the year, but these are the bigger things I'd like to focus on for now. 

Wait, one more.

5. Go to Los Angeles for the Dodgers World Series Parade

I'm sure this guy would be down to party it up this November

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