Wednesday, January 7, 2015

San Francisco Giants: An In-Depth Look Using Customs

I have been tinkering around with my use of custom cards. For a while, I was releasing them one by one. I then moved to a voting system using two customs. Once again, I have altered my custom posts, and I have decided to move in a new direction. I will now posts customs one team at a time. The posts will not only include the fantastic customs done by me (self-promotion for the win), but a look back at the 2014 season, and a look ahead into 2015. 

What went right in 2014?
Well the won the freaking World Series if you really wanna know.

What went wrong in 2014?
Can things really go wrong when you win the World Series?

What has the club done to improve this off-season?
They haven't done much. Pablo moved onto Boston. They resigned Jake Peavy. They resigned Sergio Romo. The biggest improvement this winter may be the development of their young guys like Andrew Susac, Joe Panik, and Hunter Strickland. 

What should we expect in 2015?
Honestly, who knows. On one hand, it's an odd year, so don't expect much. But then again, this is the club that has some how lucked themselves into three World Series Championships in the past five years. And by luck, I mean devil magic. 

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  1. Great customs all around, Alex. That Posey would look terrific in a Heritage set, and I love the throwback on the Crawford.