Sunday, January 25, 2015

Let's Do Some Housekeeping

I was browsing the blogs last night when I came across a fantastic post by Zippy Zappy over at Torren' Up Cards. I have not had the pleasure of dealing with him yet, but perhaps that will change one of these days.

Anyway. In spite of some recent events, Zippy Zappy went over his trading Code of Conduct. It was definitely a good read, so I encourage you all to go and check it out. 

In the post, ZZ discussed building trust with trading partners. The post made me think about how I go about trades, contests, and other blog related dealings, but most importantly, it reminded me of all the people I owe cards to. 

In an effort to make things right with some of the fantastic people out there in cardboard land, I am posting this as a reminder to myself , and to those I have dealings with, to make things right.

If I owe you cards, or if we have a deal in place that hasn't been completed, please comment on this post. 

A combination of school and work has taken up a ton of my free time, and I am getting forgetful in my young age. 

Below is a list of people I know I owe cards to. If you aren't on this list, and we haven't spoken in the past few weeks, please contact me. 

  • Ruben Lipsyzc (USA Relics from Contest)
  • Matthew Wilson (K-Mart Set)
  • Bo Rosny (K-Mart Set)
  • Fantastic Catch (Bowman Minis + Cardinals)
  • Nomo's Sushi Platter (Dodgers) 
  • Nachos Grande (Set needs + more)
  • Night Owl (Dodgers Needs)

I'm pretty positive that those are the only people I owe cards to. I double checked my email and Twitter inbox and can't find anyone else. However, I am human and I may have missed someone. 

By the way, here is one of my more recent Kemp pickups. Shiny blue cards are fun. 


  1. I believe we both briefly discussed pulling off a trade in the past but we never got to the point where we exchanged emails. I'm not sure if I have anything you "need" but I'd be up for a trade in the future.

    1. Sounds good. As I sort through things (slowly) I'll see what I can dig up for you. Thanks for the comment.