Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chad Billingsley, You're My Hero

I mentioned my overflowing scans folder in one of my last posts, and I am feeling pretty thankful for that at the moment. I have only attended three of my six classes so far, but it looks like the work will be piling up. Of course, if you add in my time spent working at the tutorial center and my other job, my schedule looks like hell. 

The problem with my scans folder is that it is filled with Matt Kemp related posts. Shortly after he was traded to San Diego, I went on an eBay binge, and I am now left with a ton of posts on the dude. But, in an effort to spare my readers of so many consecutive Kemp posts, I am going to bounce around to some of the other subjects in my scan folder. 

One of those subjects is Chad Billingsley. I recently started an official PC for him, so I naturally fled to the bay to snap up any good deals. I found plenty, but this may be my favorite one. 

As the slab shows, this stunning card comes from 2003 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks. It features a great on-card autograph from C-Bills, and even warranted a 'Mint 9' grade from PSA. 

Injuries have plagued Bills for the past few years, and the value on his cards has declined tremendously. While that sucsk for some people, it is a great advantage for me. The beauty that you see above ran me less than six bucks shipped. A phenomenal price for an autographed rookie card, and a graded one at that. 

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  1. Great deal, man. The PSA slabbing alone costs way more than you paid.