Friday, January 9, 2015

A Wild Horse Sketch Appears! Or Not...

I spent quite a bit of money on cards in December. Looking back, I probably spent more than I should have, but I am happy with what I got. I'm definitely glad that I'm spending money on single cards on eBay, rather than blaster boxes from Target that provide me with little value. Though, sometimes I am able to add a card to my collection without having to spend anything. 

My buddy Dikran probably had the same expression on his face when he opened up a package and saw this pop out. He bought this card for around ten bucks back in October, but was disappointed to see he spent his hard earned cash on a print, not an actual sketch. 

As you can see from the scan of the back, this is actually a limited edition print, though it is signed by the artist. 

The card itself is pretty cool. I started getting into sketch cards after viewing all of the phenomenal ones here, so I quickly got Dikran to join in on the fun. His first "sketch card" purchase didn't go so well, but it seemed to work out for me. Dikran offered this card up to me if I took him out to Panda Express (double win!), and Puig came home to me. 

While a Wild Horse Sketch would have been cool, I'm happy to add this limited edition print into my Puig PC.

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