Saturday, November 8, 2014

Matt Kemp is Chrome-atic

I have making smaller purchases lately, focusing primarily on my Matt Kemp PC. I was able to secure three new cards for my growing Kemp PC earlier this week, all from different sellers on eBay.

What a glorious sight. I have a slight affinity for these colorful refractors from Topps Chrome, and my itch for new cardboard got the best of me this time.

The orange and purple refractors are shiny, but they aren't numbered. The other black refractor, which looks pretty freaking sharp, is #'d 17/100.

But the fun doesn't stop there.

I also picked this bad boy up a few weeks ago. I completely forgot about it until I checked my scans folder, but here it is. It is #'d 64/75, and features the man who should have been awarded NL Comeback of the Year. (Awards are stupid). 

I spent around eight bucks for all the group of four cards as a whole. Not bad considering they came from four different sellers. Although it looks like I am going for the rainbow, I can assure I am not. Though it is fun, it isn't cheap. If anyone has any of the other refractors, please let me know. I would be more than happy to trade for them.  

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