Monday, May 26, 2014

So Josh Beckett Threw a No-Hitter

That happened. It is still a little shocking to me. I usually follow most games via or Twitter, but yesterday I was unable to because of work. Well, that is not totally true. I managed to get my headphones on while doing some work outside to listen to the bottom of the ninth. That is all that really mattered at that point anyways.

I won't go into detail, I am sure ESPN and the MLB Network have already done that enough, but it was a very exciting experience for me. Like I mentioned yesterday, I have only been following baseball since 2001, and even then I was only 8. Needless to say, great moments like this probably went right over my head in those days. 

The last Dodger to throw a no-no was Hideo Nomo in 1996, so I am considering Beckett's feat my first Dodger no-no. Beckett is probably the Dodgers worst starter in a rotation of aces, so the fact that he was the one to get the no-hitter makes it that much more confounding to me. These types of things are usually accompanied by weird facts though.

The no-hitter made me realize how much I have dismissed Beckett's Dodger cardboard. I managed to pull all of my Dodger Beckett's last night, all 4 which are in this post.After some thinking, I decided I wanted to celebrate the great start by adding a Beckett auto to my collection.

I have not yet looked up prices, or what cards are out there, but I am sure I will be able to find something cool for a fair price. Of course, some of you lovely readers may have a Beckett auto looking for a new home. If so, just shoot me an email and I am sure we can come to an agreement.

Congrats Josh! Games like this make me appreciate baseball that much more. 

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