Monday, May 5, 2014

A Vintage Garvey and More from Foul Bunt

I completed another trade with William of Foul Bunt fame recently. William is one of the nicest people you will meet in the hobby and he has definitely been a joy to talk to during my short stay in cards so far. We set things aside for each other nowadays, so packages tend to be full of surprises. William's latest package was indeed full of surprises, so let's get to it.

I used to save the best for last in my posts, but that has changed recently. A card like this does not deserve to be posted at the bottom of the post, so Mr. Clean is leading off this afternoon. 

This was the big surprise that William sent over. It was staring at me when I popped open the package and I was staring right back. 1975 Topps is one of the most popular years ever in terms of collecting, but I had yet to unearth one until now. Not only did William send over a 1975 Topps, he sent over a Steve Garvey. It doesn't get much better than that. This card is not too entirely expensive to pick up online, but William will definitely be receiving some extras in our next trade. 

As great as the '75 was, there was still more vintage cardboard to dig out. This time in the form of 1969 Topps. Because I have been able to add at least one card in a majority of the years for the Topps Team Set Project, names are starting to become a bit more familiar. Though the name Hank Aguirre doesn't ring a bell, Ron Fairly sure does. I will gladly add these two cards to my other 69s, though I have to find the time to organize my cards and update my needs list. 

Vintage is great, but modern cards, such as this 2007 A&G Matt Kemp, hold their own. From what I understand, Allen and Ginter's was just being released around this time. The cards were simple, yet effective. This Kemp is no exception. The fact that William was able to send me a Matt Kemp card that I didn't already have nearly put the cherry on top of this proverbial sundae.

However, this awesome Bryce Harper insert was able to do just that.  I don't have much luck pulling Bryce, so I have been very dependent on my fellow bloggers to help me out. Thankfully, many of you have come through and helped me add to the collection. If only I hadn't shipped off those Harper's to Judson a few months back. I'm just kidding of course. I may not have the Harper's anymore, but I do have a few awesome Beltre relics to show for it. 

Thanks again for the cards William! I am looking forward to our next swap. 

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