Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Bounty of Winnings and Awesome Dodger-ness

I recently won a contest over at Andrew's Baseball Cards. As the winner I took home these sweet minis which are #'d /25. 

I don't collect either guy, so these are up for trade. I haven't added them to my new and improved Trade Bait page yet, but they will be there soon. 

Andrew and I decided to make this a trade while we were at it, so I also received some great Dodger cardboard.

I was targeting this Hanley relic when we decided to make a trade. Although it is an awesome addition to my Hanley PC, the other cards Andrew sent along are what made this trade great.

Take this Kershaw card from 2013 Bowman for example. I have started to gravitate toward other sets lately, but Bowman is still a cool product. The numbering on Bowman cards may be annoying, hwoever this card is anything but. The Brooklyn cap Clayton is rocking goes great with the shot, as well as the Texas flag backdrop. 

Andrew also sent along this sweet mini that I did not already have for some reason. Looks like Clayton is about to fire in a 4-seamer.

Here is another card of Kid K that I didn't have before this swap. It seems like greatness follows the number 2 in Dodgers lore. Tommy Lasorda wore 2, Kershaw wears 22, Koufax had 32, and Jackie Robinson had the infamous 42. We can go ahead and forget about Jeff Kent, who wore 12 during his stint with the Dodgers. 

Now that I have this card in my hands, I understand why Greg loves these so much. My copy isn't #'d /99, but I love it nonetheless. I am going to file this as a Matt Kemp card, so I will need another one of these to add to the Kershaw binder. 

Following the Kershaw card from the same set, this Kemp is a new addition to my growing Bison PC. I absolutely love this shot of the Dodgers outfielder, especially since I noticed the bat in his hands. For all I know, that bat may be the one hanging up in my room right now. 

If you have made it this far then you deserve to celebrate. Of course, your celebration won't be as star studded as this great shot above. Let's try to identify who is shown on the card: Matt Kemp, Kenley Jansen, Juan Uribe, James Loney, Andre Ethier, Mike MacDougal (not really a star), that's about all I can spot. 

Thanks again for the great contest winnings, as well as the awesome cards from the trade Andrew! Your cards will be heading out this weekend.

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