Friday, April 4, 2014

Trade with Playing With My Cards: Properly Thanking the Correct Blogger

I completed my first trade with Ethan of Playing with my Cards a while back, but I am just getting around to posting my loot. You can check out his post on what I sent him here

A few weeks ago I improperly credited Ethan with some cards I received in a trade. He quickly notified me of my mistake and now I am finally going to make it right.

I'm pretty foggy on the details of the trade because it has been so long since we talked about it, but I believe this was the center of the deal. I love adding new Puig cards to my Puig PC and this one is no exception. It seems like people either love Puig or hate him, typically leaning toward the latter. It is a hate that I can't get my head around and something that was produced by mainstream media. I hate playing the race card, but there is probably a lot racial fueled hate toward the young Cuban. Wil Myers got nowhere near the same attention as Puig last year, though he played with the same flare Puig usually shows and probably missed just as many cut-off men. It is an argument I don't really want to get in the middle of, but an argument I seemingly get pulled into quite a bit. 

As far as the Future of the Franchise moniker this card displays, I have a hard time agreeing with it. Clayton Kershaw is obviously the Future of the Franchise, though he is also the Present of the Franchise, and for the past few seasons has been the Past of the Franchise. Puig will play a big part on the Dodgers over the next several seasons, but the Dodgers belong to Kershaw for the time being.

The beauty of this trade however, comes in the form of a 1972 Topps Bill Buckner. The card is not in the best shape, but it works for me. The '72 design is one of the best of the decade and this is my first card from the set. I could do a lot worse than a fantastic bat barrel shot of the first baseman and the All-Star rookie cup is a phenomenal touch. 

I have been busy lately (my way of saying lazy), and haven't updated my Topps Team Set Project needs in a few weeks. I have a pretty decent sized stack of cards to take off of the list, including a ton from Ethan. I wish there was something special to show you from 2010 Topps, but there isn't anything that really stands out. 

Ethan also sent over a ton of cards that fit into my now defunct mini-collections. Those have been placed into a large box which contains the rest of the cards from those mini-collections, and will be revisited sometime in the future.

Thanks again for the trade Ethan. Hope we can do another swap again soon. 

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