Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trade with $30 a Week Habit: Another Awesome Swap

I completed my first trade with fellow blogger Robert of $30 a Week Habit. We talked about a swap a few months ago, but didn't pull the trigger until early last month. It has taken me awhile to post the cards and for that I apologize.

This was probable one of the smaller trades I've made during my time in the blogosphere, but it produced some awesome cards.

Take these awesome cognac cards from 2011 Topps for example. I have seen these parallels in my LCS, but never had the opportunity to add a Dodger, let alone two PC guys, to my collection. Thanks to Robert, I can say that I have some cognac cards. 

This was another awesome card sent to me by Robert. I am pretty positive this is the first card from 1969 in my possession, but because I have not had the time to update my Topps Team Set Project needs list in awhile, I don't know for sure. Hopefully I can get to that this weekend.  

This may be my only card from '69, but it is a beauty. From what I've heard, '69 has a ton of infamous cards including Reggie Jackson rookie card, and Mickey Mantles final regular issued Topps card. Not to mention a sweet looking Roberto Clemente card that I hope to own one day. But I am far too broke and young to be thinking about getting some of the higher end vintage cardboard at the time being. However, if I happen to win the lottery before I am able to finish college I will be sure to pick up a Clemente, Jackson, and Mantle for my collection, as well as one of each for all of you :)

Thanks again for the trade Robert. Hope we can do another swap in the future. 

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