Saturday, April 5, 2014

Topps Chrome Rainbow: Zack Greinke Gold Refractor

I picked up another card in my quest for the complete Dodgers Topps Chrome Rainbow team set earlier this week. This time in the form of a Zack Greinke Gold Refractor /50.

This card marks the third gold refractor I have out of 12. Current members of the Gold Club are Matt Kemp, Matt Magill, and now Zack Greinke. The gold refractors look pretty crisp and are probably my third favorite refractor out of the set. I really like the orange refractors, and the black refractors look clean as well. 

This Greinke is #'d 15/50 and was had off the bay for $7.00 bucks shipped. These eBay sellers are uploading these cards hours after I get paid, which makes me want to spend. I picked up three other cards for the quest last night, however I got a pretty good bargain on those. The Atomic Matt Kemp is up on eBay right now, and I am closely watching. I will have to go over my budget for that one which sucks, but there are only 10 out there so I may not get another shot at one. 


The Trade Bait Mega Post is scheduled for either Sunday or Monday, and is just waiting on me to scan the cards. I have a stack that is about 3 inches high ready to be dealt. I will also be selling off some of my near complete sets from 2013 for EXTREMELY CHEAP. If you see a set on my set needs that isn't Topps Chrome/Heritage/Flagship then it will be for sell. I will have more on that over the weekend, but I need to clear up some space and get a little extra card money. 

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