Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shades of '93

I picked this card of the bay a few weeks back, and like the Matt Kemp I showed off yesterday, it ran me about two bucks and showed up about two weeks ago.

I really enjoy the design of these inserts, probably because they hail from 1993 Topps Finest. Because I was born in 1993, these things have a little added significance to me. 

I very rarely show the back of cards on here, but rarely are they this good. We get to see an awesome shot of Zack Greinke in Dodgers spring training garb, and that "Getting a Grip" shot (Thanks Ethan) is fantastic.

I will be on the lookout for the rest of this insert set. I'll probably ask Dodger Penguin who is in the set because I am too lazy to look it up and he already completed it. If you have any laying around let me know.

BTW: There will be no Trade Bait Tuesday today. I will be posting a larger Mega Trade Bait post later in the week.

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