Monday, April 21, 2014

Contest Winnings from Big L Collectibles

Awhile back I won a contest over at Big L Collectibles. It is one of the newer blogs out there, but focuses more on the Dodgers than cards in general. Still, if you want to see some awesome autographed Dodgers gear, then head over and give Luis a follow.

After being selected the winner, I walked away with these two cards.

Now as much as I enjoy both of these cards, especially the Clemente, there are others out there who would probably enjoy them a little more than me. 

I have added both of these cards to my freshly updated Trade Bait page last night. If these cards, or anything else listed catches your eye, just let me know. 

Thanks again Luis! Good luck with the blog. Can't wait to see some more autographed Dodger goodies. 

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