Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trade with Nomo's Sushi Platter: PC Additions and a Sweet Piazza

I completed my first trade with Michael from Nomo's Sushi Platter. Looking back, I feel I owe Michael a lot more cardboard. I guess I'll have to take another look through some of my boxes. I'm slowly getting more organized, which hopefully means I'll be able to help many more bloggers out.

The package started out great, with this absolutely fantastic shot of the '93 Rookies of the Year. I am not quite sure what draws me into this card, but is a favorite of mine already. Maybe a Piazza binder is in the horizon?

Like so many of my recent trade packages have included, Michael sent over quite a few Shawn Green cards my way. If it wasn't for John's courteous package the day before, every Green card Michael sent me would have been brand new to me. Instead, I get to show of three cards that were not in the binder already. The Topps Gold Label seems like a pretty cool product, though whenever I see Green in a blue jersey, I feel like it is a Blue Jay card. 

Staying with the PC cards, Michael sent over 5 new Kemp cards. My favorite is probably the bright yellow Heritage card, though the '08 Topps Chrome card up top is giving it a run for its money. Either way, these are all sweet additions to my Matt Kemp PC. 

A large majority of this trade package was filled with cards for my various PC's. This was the lone Kershaw card in the package, but is much appreciated. The warping these cards have gone through sucks, but maybe sticking it in a top loader for a while will straighten things out. (Pun intended)

As some of you know, my newest collecting interest is Russell Martin. I have been a huge fan of his for awhile and am still pissed that he was non-tendered a few years back. I planned on discussing some of my new collecting habits awhile back, but that post is still unfinished sitting in my drafts. I guess I have something to work on this weekend.

As great as the 3 Martin cards were above, they don't hold a candle to this bad boy. Neither player is with the respective teams any more, but this is a sweet card. I'm pretty sure Greg said, "Martin doesn't take bad pictures" some time ago, and this card is evidence of that. It looks a little off-center to me the more I look at the scan, but maybe I just messed up the cropping. Either way, awesome addition. 

If I was a little less busy, I probably would have scanned some of the Hanley, David Ortiz, Andre Ethier, and mini collection cards. But, an essay I have to write is calling my name. 

Thanks again for the trade Michael. I hope to hook you up in the future and make our swaps a little more balanced.

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