Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trade with Dodger Penguin: In Which I Apologize to Greg In the Title

I completed my third trade with Matthew of Dodger Penguin fame. This one was a doozie. Let's get right into it. 

First and foremost, I would like to thank Greg of Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle for showing up. Until today, he proved to be quiet the capable warrior atop the the Chavez Code Leaderboard. However, as you will soon see, Dodger Penguin has solidified his spot at the top for quite some time. 

I figured I would show off the only card I received in the trade first. This beauty is my first Adrian Beltre auto, something I have been after for quite some time. This card hails from 1999 UD SP Signature Edition, and looks gorgeous in person. The blue ink auto adds a nice touch, and it features one of my favorite guys in Dodger blue. Can't beat this.

I also got two signed balls in this trade, but this is the one that started the whole thing. William over at Foul Bunt contacted me about purchasing a Dee Gordon autographed baseball he had. I was interested, but as a college student money can be tight. I asked Matthew what he thought about the deal and he said it to go for it. After I thought about it for a short time, I decided not to get the ball in order to save up some money. 

Matthew later asked me if I was interested in trading for his signed Dee Gordon ball as he was getting ready to liquidate his collection. I couldn't say no, and we quickly came to a deal. Even though Dee hasn't proven to be a major league caliber player, he is a favorite of mine and has an awesome signature. It honestly looks like D-Style to me. 

The ball I was most interested in, however, was this one signed by Shawn Green. As my readers may know, Green is my favorite player of all-time and adding an autographed ball was something I eventually wanted to do. I haven't been looking to get into the signed ball market, at least for the time being, but I will probably venture that direction later down the line. Unlike the Gordon ball, this one is authenticated by PSA/DNA.

I guess I need to start getting tags to mark these things, as I already have 4 balls in my collection now. (Gordon, Gree, Sax, and Pavano). 

With the value of the balls and the Beltre auto, I was coming up a bit short on my end of the deal. Matthew and I haggled on some Chavez Code points to make up the difference and settled on a amount we both thought was fair. 1000 points.

Yup, 1000. That means Dodger Penguin is now sitting at 1,214 Chavez Code points. Not only did he get 1000 for the trade, but he got an additional 50 because a Beltre auto was on my most wanted list. Matthew has this point system down......

In awarding Matthew 1000 points, I developed an idea in my head about the value of a point. I figured that each point will be worth 1 penny, meaning 100 points is worth a dollar. Before you ask, I will not buy your points from you and they can't be redeemed for cash, but nice try :)

In the event that we do a trade, I will use this point/dollar ratio to even out our trades should the need arise. I will also trade points for cards if you'd like. I hope to add to my Trade Bait this year, and hopefully these points will amount to some cool things soon. I have some cool ideas with the Chavez Code, but they probably won't be ready until summer. 

Thanks again for the trade Matthew. I'm sure another one is just around the corner. 

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