Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Jackie Robinson PC

There is no doubt that Jackie Robinson is one of baseball's best players, as well as a Dodgers great. (In fact, I recently included him on my Mt. Rushmore of Dodgers which you can see here)  

A few weeks back I showed off my small Sandy Koufax collection, and introduced him as a Primary PC guy. I still haven't gotten around to posting a list of the cards I own, but eventually that will be up. 

Today, I am introducing Jackie Robinson to my PC binders, as a secondary collecting interest. Because Blogger won't allow me create anymore pages, I will post a list of my Robinson cards and post it sometime late tonight.  

I am making this a secondary PC for the time being because Robinson will probably take a back door to my other collecting interests. There isn't a whole lot of cards released for him now days, so picking those up won't be too tough. But like my Koufax PC, I worry about vintage and autographed cards. 

I've noticed that my collections lacks "in-game shots", as all of these cards look posed. Not a big deal, but I'll be on the lookout.

Here we see a couple of in-game shots. These scanned a little dark, but not too bad. These cards were found in one of my dads old binders and are probably the reason I decided to finally go ahead with this PC. I cannot find any info on this set of cards, but they are from a 1996 UD product. I have cards 1-9, minus 2 & 3. If this is a 9 card set, then I will be looking to complete it with those two cards. I do have dupes of these, so if anybody is interested just let me know.  

What you see is what I have. If you have a card that isn't pictured here, chances are I'm interested. 

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