Saturday, March 22, 2014

That's a Clown Card Bro!

A few weeks back I was feeling the need for some Bryce Harper cards, so I took a look on eBay and walked away with three new ones. 

This bad boy is #'d 14/50. I seem to be too tempted to build the rainbow for cards these days, but I am smart enough not to go for the Harper rainbow. I have so many projects going on lately that I have decided to dial back on a few things, rainbows being one. More on that at a later date. 

This is another new Harper card, though it didn't come in the three card lot I purchased. It is an exact replica of the one above, a picture I'm not too fond of. It's not a bad picture per say, but I am soooo tired of the same generic photos Topps has been featuring on their cards. 

Back to the eBay lot now, this was also included and goes straight to my Topps Flagship master set. I am getting closer to completing Series 1, though I still have a little ways to go. 

This was the third and final card in the eBay lot, though it's my least favorite of the three. I am not a big fan of Bowman Platinum and the sapphire parallel doesn't look nearly as good in person. It is still a new card for the Harper PC, so I will happily take it. 

Finally, here is a sweet Harper from Panini Select. Like most collectors/bloggers, the lack of licensing really kills these cards for me. Not only do the cards suffer from lack of logos, but the photos Panini gets to use are diminished. They seemed to do fairly well in this particular set, but like every Panini set, there leaves a lot to be desired. 

If you didn't notice, every one of these Harper cards is a close up view of him batting. Yawn. I am getting tired of seeing the same old picture and I hope this will eventually be fixed. Considering it's Topps (mostly), I have a better chance of receiving a redemption within a year of redeeming it, than to see Topps change their photo selection. 

Topps, you're making clown cards bro!

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