Thursday, March 27, 2014

Matt Kemp is an Elite Dominator

After a long day of posting yesterday, I plan on taking it easy today. I will be getting back to my roots, for a while at least, and posting card of the day type posts again.

This was had off the bay for about 2 bucks shipped. Any time I can add a new card of The Bison to my PC I am pretty happy. The fact that this one is #'d, albeit to 999, makes it all the better. I wasn't the biggest fan of Donruss when it came out, but I do enjoy the inserts. I know there are a few more Kemp inserts out there, as well as some of the other Dodgers. The only thing that truly bugs me about these unlicensed cards is the blue numbering on the front of the jersey. That certainly isn't Dodger baseball and it kind of ruins the card for me. I try my best to look past things like that, but sometimes you gotta vent. 

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