Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kid K * 7

Last week I traded my only Clayton Kershaw relic to Matthew of Dodger Penguin. That trade made me realize how sorry my Kershaw collection really is. I noticed I was lacking in the hit department, so I tried to justify that over the weekend with a couple of cheap purchases from the bay.

I purchased a five card lot of Kershaw cards for a few bucks, though my eyes were only on one specific card from the lot. Turns out that I didn't have any of the five. I have seen this '72 mini so many times before, it was only natural to assume I had it. 

I also picked up my (now) favorite card from 2013. Like the mini above, I could have sworn this was already in the binder, but I guess not. I wish I had paid more attention to 2013 A&G because they had plenty of sweet cards like this one. 

This also hails from 2013 Allen and Ginter's, but isn't on the same level as the one above. It is still an awesome card, and I love that straight ahead look Kershaw is giving me. 

This bad boy comes from Topps Museum Collection, a high-end product I had no intention of buying. The design of the card isn't all that, but the autos look pretty sweet in the product. One of these days I'll get my hands on Kershaws John Hancock. 

This was the card I was going after when I ran across the auction. I love the Topps Tribute, or at least 2013 Tribute. I have some of the other Dodgers from this set, but Kershaw has eluded me until now. I picked this lot up for less than three bucks shipped, well worth the money. 

Of course, when I get an itch to spend the little card money I have every paycheck, I spend it all at once. I picked this up minutes before in a BIN format. The seller allowed me to send him a best offer, which I did and he accepted. This bad boy was shipped to my door for a penny under six bucks. At the time of the purchase, this was slated to be my only Kershaw relic. However, I quickly added a friend for the little guy.

This normal sized Kershaw relic only cost me $4.99. Somehow, I was the only bidder with minutes left and the buyer had free shipping. This card isn't licensed, but still has a sweet shot of the reigning Cy Young winner. It happens to be #'d 53/99, and even came in a nice magnetic one touch to store it in. One of my best purchases yet. 

I spent the rest of my measly card budget on another purchase which will be featured sometime in the next few days, but I am glad to have seven new Kid K cards for the collection. Considering I spent less than 13 bucks for everything above, you might say I had a good weekend. 

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