Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finally Got My Hands on 2014 Heritage

I have been low on money for awhile now. I don't usually have a whole lot to spend in the first place, but my card funds were even lower than normal this paycheck. However, I was still able to pick up some cards without completely breaking the bank. 

I took a trip down to my LCS with my good friend Dikran to get rid of some old basketball/footbal cards that were taking up too much of my space. The owner, Matt, didn't want to take them so I told him I was going to take them to the dumpster, bluffing of course. He quickly changed his mind and took them off of my hands. I told him to give them away to the next kid that walked into his store, so hopefully someone can enjoy some free cards. 

There were quite a few boxes of Heritage there, but I knew I couldn't afford a box. I had 4 bucks in my wallet so I ended up buying a pack which I figured would be a small start towards the set. Dikran then go the itching to open something so we made a deal. I told him that if he bought a box of heritage, I would take him out to lunch and he would get to keep the hit, as well as the variations given they weren't a Dodger or one of my PC guys. He agreed, and we were soon busting some brand new cards.

Before I get to what I walked away with, we'll take a look at Dikran's lone card. This happened to be the hit of the box, and is not bad considering some of the other hits out there. It is currently on eBay, so be sure to bid if you are interested. I won't be able to trade this one. 

I guess I was lucky in the sense that every other "hit" from the box ended up coming my way. The first happens to be the action variation of Big Papi. I absolutely love this Heritage this year and this card is no exception to that. This is going to the Oritz PC, but it could just as well be a Pimping Dingers addition.

This was the other "hit" from the box. Lucky me, I was able to get this without having to do anything other than taking out my best friend to lunch. It may be hard to tell from the scan, but this is the refractor and is #'d 517/565. It is probably my favorite card from Heritage, at least so far. 

This particular box happened to hold 9 high-number short prints. Especially helpful since I am putting together the set. I have also decided to stop my pursuit of building sets, other than Topps Heritage and Topps Flagship. More on that later though. 

These two cards happen to be my favorites of the SP's we pulled.

We pulled 12 base Dodgers from the box, missing only Kemp and Puig (I think). There is a lot to like here, my favorites being: Ryu, Wilson, Greinke, Kersh, and Jansen. There is a nice mix of players with their hats on and off, which is a nice touch Heritage seems to add every year. The Wilson card almost seems to be an action variation, but after checking online, it isn't. Wither way, it is a gorgeous card of the Beard. 

Check out what I still need here. I am not looking for the inserts, but I do want the Dodgers. 

I still think getting all of these cards for the cost of a burrito is a steal. It is definitely the most delicious box of cards I have ever bought. 

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