Tuesday, March 4, 2014

An Unconventional Contest

As 2014 products begin to hit shelves, I have a need for more space. Therefore, I need some other bloggers to take some cards off of my hands. 

To claim a spot, you must send me at least one card I need from either my Topps Team Set Project OR send me a card from one of my primary PC's that I do not have. Simple enough.

Just leave a comment with the team you would like to claim. I will email those I don't have addresses for, but if your address has changed let me know. 

The cards you will be receiving will be primarily from 2013, but there may be some older cards included, as well as some 2014 Donruss. 

Furthermore, once all teams have been claimed, all of those that helped will be entered to win 100 Chavez Code points. The CC points can be used to claim autos/relics/#'d cards from my trade bait. More on the Chavez Code here.

•Arizona Diamondbacks
•Boston Red Sox
•Chicago White Sox
•Cinncinnati Reds
•Cleveland Indians
•Colorado Rockies
•Detroit Tigers
•Florida Marlins
•Kansas City Royals
•Milwaukee Brewers
•Minnesota Twins
•New York Mets
•Philadelphia Phillies
•Pittsburgh Pirates
•San Diego Padres
•Seattle Mariners
•St. Louis Cardinals
•Tampa Bay Rays
•Texas Rangers
•Toronto Blue Jays
•Washington Nationals

Some teams are not included because I have traded a majority of those cards away. I will mark off teams as they are claimed. 


I don't want to leave you without a card, so enjoy this Manny Ramirez from courtesy of Jeff of 2X3 Heroes. Thanks for the PWE Jeff!

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