Monday, March 17, 2014

A Sweet Bison Relic From the Bay

I picked this guy off of eBay last week for the price of half a blaster. I wasn't planning on buying it at the time, but a card of mine happened to sell minutes before I ran across it. I quickly spent that money and walked away with a beautiful blue parallel relic of Matt Kemp. I have already talked about my infatuation for blue Dodgers cards, and this one is #'d 15/50. Needless to say, I am very happy with this purchase. 

As usual, I had another incredibly busy week with school and work. As if midterms weren't enough, I had to finish a 6 page paper on Frankenstein. Seems a little juvenille, but one day school will pay off for something. 

Because of my business, I haven't been able to ship anything and probably won't get a chance to get near a post office until Friday. So, if we happened to make a trade sometime in the last week or so, expect delivery early next week. 

Zip codes that are currently packaged up are:

Great White North

I also have 4 more packages to send out, but I haven't gotten around to sealing up or getting addresses on the bubble mailers. Thanks for your patience!

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