Thursday, March 20, 2014

2014 Topps Series One: Yasiel Puig Rainbow

Editors Note: This post comes from Dikran Samarjian. He will occasionally have posts here. As you may know, Dikran and I usually split the price of higher end cards to share, at least until we are out of college and can actually earn some money. If you would like to get in touch with him, you can give him a follow on Twitter @D_Samarjian. Any comments you leave will be forwarded to him as well. Enjoy!

This post is way past overdue, but the wait is over.

Ever since 2014 Topps Series One came out, I had made it my duty to venture out and complete the Yasiel Puig rainbow. Of course the 1/1 platinum is almost impossible to get, so I had to make my quest more realistic. It cost me a pretty penny, but long story short I finally completed it!

It was very hard to get the cards for the right price, especially when it’s Yasiel Puig. People get pretty greedy when you’re dealing with one of the hottest players in baseball. Also not to mention, when the cards are eBay firsts, it is expected to pay highest dollar for it. (I had wasted no time starting my journey to complete the rainbow.) The majority of the retail bases I had purchased cost me at least 10 dollars including shipping.

The numbered cards are a whole different story. Obviously the most expensive card was the clear #'d /10. Though the card hit triple digits, it was a great buy. I think the clear cards are gorgeous regardless the player. Props to Topps for creating such a nice card. I completed the much more realistic 12 card rainbow and quickly secured the cards in plaques. 

It was a fun and highly anticipated journey with the bid wars and delivery wait, but I am not much of a parallel collector. I love the sexy “chunk-a-licious” multicolored patches and on-card autos. Alex and I have decided to put the rainbow for sale. I will also accept a fair trade. I am a Celtics fan, and of course a Dodgers fan. I want to add a booklet or two to my collection just letting you guys know ;) lol!

Contact Alex with any trade offers, and as for the purchasing goes it will be on Alex’s eBay. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the cards as much as we did. If these cards were from Chrome I would definitely keep them because the Chrome line is gorgeous!

I am going to have Alex embed my latest track I had produced to this post. If you guys could check it out and show some support/give me some feedback it would be more than appreciated! I’m just a kid with a talent and a huge love for music and some support wouldn’t hurt. Thanks guys! Until next time, take care!


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