Monday, February 3, 2014

Trades with Play at the Plate and One Man's Junk (Wax): Picking up Some New PC and Project Cards

I received two packages from fellow bloggers this week, both filled with trade related goodies. In my haste to sort and organize things this week, I accidentally filed away the awesome cards sent to me by Jeff of One Man's Junk (Wax). He sent me 51 cards to help me complete my Topps Team Set Project. I'm having a tough time remembering what he sent exactly, but I do know he finished my 1986 set, and had some great early 80's cards. Thanks again Jeff!

The other package came from Brian over at Play at the Plate. He requested some Topps Olympics cards, and I had a couple blaster boxes worth to send his way. He sent a ton of set needs my way, along with some awesome new PC cards.

The first being this great Shawn Green relic from 2003 Fleer. It is an awesome looking card, especially with the jersey swatch placed as a planet. I have been trying to increase my Green collection a bit in the past few weeks, and with an eBay win a few days ago I was able to add another beauty to the collection. More on that later this week.

These were also new additions to my Harper PC. I was looking to add these a few months ago before I started the blog, but didn't pull the trigger. I'm glad to have them now, because they look great in person. They come from a retail exclusive box of 2011 Bowman Chrome, which seems a little unusual to me. I guess Topps wanted to cash in on the Harper mania that was sweeping baseball a couple of years ago. 

I already had this card, but after taking a look at my Beltre PC page, I realized I didn't have it updated with all the parallels I had. Either way, I'm happy to add this card to the collection. I'll never have too many Beltre cards. Hopefully I can pick up an affordable auto next. 

Brian also threw this awesome card in the package. I already had this one as well, but it is one of my favorite cards from 2013. I love how Ryu rocks the blue glove, something many Dodgers don't do. This is a phenomenal look, especially on his Allen and Ginter's card. Perhaps I should do a Top 10 of my favorite Dodgers cards from 2013?

The biggest surprise of the package was this 1960 Topps Ron Fairly card. I've never heard of Ron Fairly before, though I don't have a ton of knowledge on the earlier Dodgers. This is card number two of the 1960 Topps team set for me, a list I still need to make and upload. I am really digging these vintage cards I have been receiving in trades. I haven't looked into buying any online so I don't know how much these older cards would sell for, but I do feel like I should make my end of the trade more enticing in the future. 

Thanks again Brian and Jeff! I hope we'll be able to pull of some more trades in the future. 

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