Friday, February 14, 2014

Trade with Cubs Cardboard: More Walmart Blues and Set Needs

I completed my first trade with Kalib of Cubs Cardboard yesterday. I messaged him about a Walmart blue parallel he had, and we went from there. If you haven't check put his blog yet be sure to do so. 

Let's start with some 2014 Blue parallels. I have decided to complete the team set with the blue, red, red hot foil, and gold parallels. I may later choose to go after the green and yellow parallels, but they are a little harder to find right now. With the addition of these two, I have 4/13 blue parallels.

 6 Josh Beckett
40 Hyun-Jin Ryu
72 Michael Young
111 Mark Ellis
113 NL ERA Leaders
142 Zack Greinke
173 Brandon League 
193 Ricky Nolasco
197 Onelki Garcia
204 Adrian Gonzalez
294 NL Wins Leaders
314 Hanley Ramirez
331 Yasiel Puig

In addition to the 2014 blues, I got a couple of 2013 blues. I plan on putting together the entire 2013 team set with the blue parallels, but I don't have the checklist handy. I'll probably be adding it to my Set Needs page sometime in the next few days, so any help there is appreciated. I only have 5 of the 36 cards for 2013.

It seems like I am able to add another card or two to one of my PC's everyday. Today was no exception, as Kalib threw in these great Gonzo cards. I really dig the UD Icons card on the left, though some Dodgers garb would look nice. The uni UD chose for this cards works well with the color scheme of the card though, seemingly perfect. 

Buried beneath a barrage of set needs, I found this great Shawn Green UD card from 1992. I have a copy of this card already, but I had it autographed my the man himself. You can see that card below. 

I do find his auto to be a little strange. His auto is completely different these days, though I did find a few cards with the same auto for sale on eBay. 

I also got my first blue bordered Dodger from a trade. I have a few stacked up to show off this weekend, but we'll wait for the weekend before I discuss those.

My favorite card from the trade is this beauty. It features four of the best outfielders in the league, though the two guys on the bottom did not play a whole lot last year. I believe this is a four part sticker, with each player being a single sticker. I wish Topps more cards like this. 

In addition to the cards seen above, Kalib sent a ton of needs from 2014 S1 and 2013 Bowman, as well as a few other misc. Dodgers.

Thanks for the trade Kalib! I hope your cards arrive safely. 

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