Friday, February 28, 2014

Trade with Cardboard Hogs: OMAHA!

I completed my first trade with Kenneth of Cardboard Hogs. He saw a card I posted on Twitter awhile back and we went from there. I received my end of the trade yesterday, while my package to him is sitting on my card desk (along with a few others). I never wanted to be that person that took forever to get something out to my fellow collectors/bloggers, but sometimes working and going to school full time eats awa at my time. That and the nearest post office is 15 miles away...

Before I continue into the trade I'd like you all to know how generous a trader Kenneth is. He went above and beyond and I appreciate his generosity.

Now I usually save my favorite card for last, but my excitement is still pouring out even though I opened his package a few hours ago.

A freaking Peyton Manning dual relic, including one from his days with Tennessee. (I somehow spelled that right the first time :o)

Manning has long been my favorite football player and he is the reason I am a Colts fan. In fact this commercial convinced me to root for the Colts. 

MOOOooooOOO-VERRRS. Still gets me.

The fun didn't stop there. I was lucky enough to grab my first HOF'er relic card. I'm not too knowledgeable about the Colts history, but I have heard Morre's name thrown around enough that I know who he is. This bad boy is #'d 26/99.

As if the two previous cards weren't enough for what i'm sending him, Kenneth even threw in an auto from Anthony Castonzo. I don't know 100% of the Colts roster these days, but back in the pre-Luck era, I knew pretty much every dude on the field. Castonzo was one of the names I knew and he is a pretty effective OT. 

I love blue refractors of my Dodgers, but it works just as well with the blue and white of the Colts. This Fleener refractor is #'d 70/199.

Getting into baseball now, this Emerald is a new addition to my Ryu PC

In addition to the Ryu, I received a few misc Dodgers from over the past few years, including an awesome Pedro Martinez insert from 2014 Topps S1. 

I also received a decent size stack of Colts cards that should keep me busy for awhile. A trip down to Target for some more binders is in the works. I'll have more info on binders in the next few days.

Thanks for the Kenneth. You have no idea how excited I was for that Manning. It wasn't on my Most Wanted, but I am handing over 50 CC points to you anyways. Expect something from me next week. 

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