Saturday, February 8, 2014

Some New Cards For My PC's

I managed to add some more cards to my various PC's this week, primarily from 2014 Topps Series One. A set that has gotten a lot of flak in the blogging community recently. I shared my thoughts on the product about a week ago, and my stance hasn't changed. With the exception the of All Rookie Cup insert, the insert sets are nice. Topps used too much foil, but the cards look decent. This A-Gon is no exception.

I am making good progress on 2014 Topps Series One. In fact, I finished up the base set last night. I've been collecting for a year, but 2014 S1 is the first base set I've completed. I am pretty close on a few sets from 2013, hopefully I can pick those needs up in a future need. 

This is probably my favorite card of all the inserts. I'm a big Beltre fan, and I love seeing him in Dodger blue. Most of my Beltre's feature him in Rangers gear, but I have slowly been acquiring his older stuff. 

I also added these Harper's to my collection. Both were pulled from packs after a brief stop at Target, which turned into a 20 minute browsing section in the card aisle. Considering I only have a few inserts left to add, I probably won't buy anymore Series One. I have plenty of dupes, so if you are looking to complete your set just let me know. 

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