Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Ryu's

I picked up some new cards from my favorite Korean lefty, Hun-Jin Ryu. I have been trying to get every card he has out there, relics, autos, and #'d cards excluded. My collection currently consists of 25 different Ryu cards, 19 if you exclude the parallels.

I picked these up in a purchase from a from a friend on Twitter. He was trying to liquidate some of collection in order to save some money for more cards of his PC, John Smoltz. I bought a couple of random card lots from him and these were inside. The blue is #'d 411/500, though it would look nicer if it was the chrome version. I cannot deny my love for the shiny cards.

These come from 2014 Topps Series One, and both were pulled by me or Dikran. I am not as pessimistic as some of the other bloggers on 2014 Topps. There are some things I like, and other I don't. I do like these inserts, though the inscriptions on some of them are absurd. I can't complain about "Expectations Exceeded". Topps got something right. 

I'll be looking to pick up my first Ryu auto soon. A lot of his autos are redemption based, a road I don't want to go down. Hopefully I can find something affordable in the coming weeks. 

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