Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Best eBay Purchase Ever ft. Matt Kemp Card #100

Late last week I was browsing the Bay when I came across an interesting auction. The picture showed six different Dodger hits, and the BIN/BO price was pretty darn low. Sometimes people post pictures of multiple cards, but in reality are only auctioning of one of them. This is probably done to deceive buyers on purpose, as some buyers bid without really taking a look at the description. So when I ran across this auction, I initially thought  it was one of those. I took a closer look but found that I really would receive all six cards. I shot the buyer a best offer, even though the price was already low, and a few hours later I was the proud new owner of the following six cards. 

I won't reveal the price until the end, so make sure you read all the way through. 

This is my first on-card auto of my one-time favorite Dodger. I'm currently asking my self why I haven't gone after more of his stuff, though I should have another new Billingsley addition in the coming days. This card comes from 2003 Bowman Heritage,  the same year CBills was drafted. I'm still a big fan of his, so hopefully he comes back strong this year and sticks around with the Dodgers a little longer.

When this product was released in 2008, there is no doubt this was one of the pricier cards. Loney never did live up to the hype a lot of Dodger fans were expecting after he hit .380 with AAA Las Vegas in 2006. He was a solid player his first few years in the league, but his lack of power and declining stats forced him out of LA when the Dodgers made the trade for Nick Punto back in August of 2012. 

This is my first Loney auto, and it comes on a nice looking manu-patch. I don't plan on completing the whole name thing, but this is a cool card to have around. 

Moving onto another Dodgers lefty, though this one still plays in LA. This Andre Ethier relic is #'d 17/36, and is my second relic of the slugging outfielder. The Dodger Stadium backdrop is a nice touch.

This is what I was searching for when I ran across the lot. I wasn't specifically searching for this card, but "Matt Kemp Auto" brings up some unexpected results sometimes. I was planning on acquiring a new Kemp auto for card number 100, but this deal was too good to pass up. There is nothing wrong with a relic #'d 17/27 though, as this is a welcome addition to my Kemp PC

This is probably my favorite card to come from the lot, though the next one gives it a run for its money. This is my first Hanley auto, and comes from his days in Miami. It is from 2007 Bowman's Best, a product I am unfamiliar with, but something I like a lot. This happens to be card #42, which is an added bonus for me. 

This card is only last because I have been enjoying screwing with Greg. Told you it wasn't anything fancy! 

This is my first Russell Martin auto as well as my first Martin relic. It also features Victor Martinez, but Martin is the selling point here. Russell was a favorite of mine, like a lot of Dodgers, but was non-tendered a few years ago. Thanks Frank McCourt! If there is a gold lining, it's that he was replaced by another fan favorite, A.J Ellis. 

This card is an absolute beauty. It feels a little heavier than a card like this normally would, and it appears to have been made with black cardboard. I guess that's where UD Black comes from. Upper Deck did a fantastic job hiding the sticker autos, something Topps could take a lesson on. I also love the addition of the colored wood grains behind each player. Each is the team's respective color, a great look. 

As you can see, I came across an awesome lot of cards. To make it all the better, I paid $15 bucks to have these beauties shipped to my door. Only 15 dollars. If you take out the 3 bucks from shipping, we are looking at 2 dollars a card. If that isn't a good deal, I don't know what is. 

I probably won't come across a deal this good again anytime soon, so I will just bask in these cards warm glowing, warming glow. 

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