Sunday, February 16, 2014

Expanding On My Mini Collections: Pimping Dingers

Last week I introduced my plans for mini collections to the blogosphere. There has since been some questions about the specifics of what fits into each collection. I will go over each mini collection over the next few days in the hope to clear up any questions. 

'Pimping Dingers'

Chicks aren't the only ones that dig the long ball. I love watching moonshots and I wanted to translate that onto cardboard. 

I usually go to the park with my friends in the summer for pickup baseball games. It's team pitch so balls are flying all over the place. Let me tell you, there is no better feeling than crushing a ball over the outfielder's head. An instant smugness comes across me as I circle the bases on my way to home plate. Unlike Brian McCann, I like when big leaguers show that same smugness. 

There are three ways we can categorize the 'Pimping Dingers' cards:

Bat in Hand

Bat Not in Hand

Close Ups

Technically, Alvarez has a bat in his hand, but I did not notice that until after I added the picture to this post. All five cards are great examples that fit into this mini collection. 

Some players are shown pimping their dingers more than others. Just check out Russell Martin below.  

Both are great shots of the former Dodger backstop and are perfect examples of what I am looking for. 

I have been going through my 2013 and 2014 Flagship cards over the past few days, and I have noticed a number questionable cards. If you think it fits in this collection, I'd love to have it. If it seems too close to call, then we will put it up to vote here on the blog. 

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