Saturday, February 15, 2014

Expanding On My Mini Collections: Celebrating on the Mound

Last week I introduced my plans for mini collections to the blogosphere. There has since been some questions about the specifics of what fits into each collection. I will go over each mini collection over the next few days in the hope to clear up any questions. 

'Celebrating on the Mound'

Criteria: Pitcher celebrating on the mound/infield.

Celebration cards should be filled with emotion. This card is pretty much the perfect example of the card I am looking for. Technically the pitchers mound is missing in this shot, but the idea is still the same. 

This shot is slightly different than the previous card, but again, the idea of the pitcher celebrating on the mound is still there. A lot of emotion in these cards so far. 

Sure, I could just collect the celebration cards that Topps has been increasingly been adding into their sets, but I wanted to capture the emotion from the pitcher rather than the batter. Papelbon and Perez are certainly making sure that it's possible.

Other pitchers aren't as intense as Papelbon and Perez, but show emotion by pointing upward when closing out games. It is a more reserved form of emotion, but the celebration factor is still there. 

Of course, celebrating on the mound is not just confined to closers. Starters occasionally throw the complete game and are able to meet their battery mate in celebration just in front of the mound. We can't see the mound on this card, but it gets the job done. 

Celebrations are usually a team wide thing, but we rarely see cards with the players together on the mound. In fact, this is the only card I've shown that actually has the mound visible. 

Finding these "Celebration on the Mound" shots should not be too difficult. Considering how Topps has moved toward more celebration shots, I expect a ton of modern cards in this binder. If it looks like there is some type of celebrating by the pitcher going on, I want it. 

If you have any questions about whether a card fits into this collection just let me know. I plan on being pretty lenient at the beginning with the expectation that the cards will eventually create criteria for me. 

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