Monday, February 10, 2014

Contest Results

The longest contest I have ever run is now officially over. Dodger Penguin has reached my goal of 50 followers, and now it is time to give away some cards. 

Greg of Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle had the most contest entries by a wide margin, so I allowed him to pick the number of times the entries were randomized. He went with lucky number 17. 

And the 1st place winner is.......

Matthew Wilson of Tenets of Wilson. Matthew has been awarded 25 Chavez Code points, and he gets to pick out any card from my list of Trade Bait. He will also be receiving some Cardinals/Big Mac cards from me. Congrats on the win Matthew. 

Second place goes to.....

Greg Zakwin. He had the most entries but still came in second place. He will be receiving 25 Chavez Code points, as well as some cards from a team of his choice. I'm thinking that will be the Dodgers. He will also be taking home the Allen Webster autograph card. Congrats to Greg. 

The 3rd place winner is.....

Jesse from Section 117. Jesse has been awarded 10 Chavez Code points, and he will also be receiving some cards from a team of his choice. 

Finally, 4th place goes to.....

Evan, aka @MrDodgerBlue. Evan will receive 5 Chavez Code points and some Dodger cards for his trouble. 

Thanks to everyone who entered. I'm sure Dodger Penguin appreciates it as well. My regularly scheduled contests will be starting again this evening, so stay tuned. 

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