Monday, February 17, 2014

Ben Zobrist Relic Winner

I had a record 137 entries in this week's contest, yet familiar names came out on top. Matthew Wilson is the winner of his second straight contest. Congrats to him. 

There is your Top 5, shown as a Top 7 because Matthew will only get credit for first place. Because I had so many entries, I will not be showing the remainder of the list. 

Matthew Wilson - Ben Zobrist Relic and 5 CC Points
Mr. Dodger Blue - 4 CC Points
Greg (ArgyledPlaschke) - 3 CC Points
cpuJesse - 2 CC Points
APetrelak - 1 CC Point

A new contest will be up tonight, though the rules will be slightly different. Twitter has been an effective tool for contests so far, but I am phasing that out for future contests. It is becoming harder to keep track of the entries through that avenue, so make sure you double check how to get entries in the next contest. 

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